Harvard Historical Society

The board of the Harvard Historical Society wants to thank you for your participation in appraisal night. We realize you came a distance

went our of your way… G.T. Wells

I appreciate that you went our of your way to come to my parents home.

…it’s refreshing to deal with folks like you – D.D. -Grafton, NH

I just wanted to say thank you. In a world where everyone seems to be motivated by what can I get for me it’s refreshing to deal with folks like you.

Personal Property Appraisal

I wanted to thank you for agreeing to preform the personal property appraisal for the estate of… I think you did a fine job and produced a write up that was very professional. You and D were very courteous and informative and I appreciate your help very much.

I.S. – Bow, NH

The two of you helped me over one of my biggest decision since becoming a widow. I want you both to know how much I have appreciated all you have done to help me.